Cooperation Direction

Investment areas of cooperation with our company

1. Investment directions for minerals







2. Licenses for the right to conduct mining and geological exploration

Licenses with the type of work: P - on the basis of entrepreneurial risk; E - operational.

For the above types of work, we are interested in operating mines or deposits with the right to conduct geological exploration with already approved reserves according to temporary conditions, or deposits with completed exploration with the possibility of quick access to the production stage.

Licenses for prospecting and exploration of deposits are in our plans after the development of the investment market and platform in Russia, in particular in the Far Eastern Federal District. All promising areas will be considered after gaining sufficient experience in the Russian investment market. Exceptions in this category may be fields that have a quick access to the exploration stage with more detailed exploration work for the approval of reserves.

3. Investment Policy for Resources and Mineral Reserves

Ore deposits: Deposits with approved reserves in the category of exploration C1 and C2, with the possibility of developing nearby promising areas, or expanding the mine along the flanks and to depth, this is justified with the payback period of the mine. Other deposits that are not included in the list of strategic objects of the state, and which do not have restrictions for foreign investment and meet the requirements of the country's investment legislation.

For example: ore deposits with reserves within: gold from 10 to 50 tons; more than 200 tons of silver; copper - from 100 thousand tons up to 500 thousand tons; deposits of lead and zinc, or lead-zinc deposits with reserves of more than 150 thousand tons; The planned term of development is more than 6 years.

Placer deposits: insofar as the payback period for gold alluvial deposits is very short, the reserve requirements for alluvial sites are low.

4. Geography of investment sites

Trans-Baikal Territory, Far Eastern and Siberian Federal Districts.

A feature of these regions is the close distance to the borders with China, good conditions for the development of infrastructure, as well as the possibility of importing concentrates to China, which makes it possible to reduce the cost of investment in the construction of processing and gold recovery plants.

In addition, the deposits of the above regions attract attention with their high metal content, product quality and preferential tax policy.

5. Investment policy by shares

Acquisition of more than 51% of shares to ensure interests and the right to make strategic decisions.

6. The EPC (ERP) method to unlock potential

In making technical decisions, we use the EPC (ERP) method to unlock the potential and complex development of a construction, mining and mineral processing project.

Also, we, for our part, confirm that "Zhaojin Nonferrous Metal Mining Co., Ltd" has all the necessary management, technical resources, as well as financial resources for the development of investment projects in the mining industry.

Investigation Cycle

The time of the audit, the procedure and procedure for concluding the transaction.

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List Of Information Required

The list of required materials for preliminary design and survey work.

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